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Pure Undiluted Essential Oils

Pure Undiluted Essential Oils

Listed below are some of the more common ritual uses associated with the oil.
Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. Do NOT Ingest!

Essential Oils are dram size unless otherwise noted
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Cinnamon Essential Oil

Love, Lust, Success, Power, Protection, Clarity do not use ...

Base price: $8.00

Anise Essential Oil

Visions, Telepathy, Youth, Protection

Base price: $6.00

Amber Essential Oil

Love, Inspiration, Past Life Workings

Base price: $12.00

Angelica Essential Oil

Exorcism, Clearing, Visions, Healing, Protection

Base price: $15.00

Bay Essential Oil

Luck, Money, Clarity

Base price: $8.00

Bergamot Essential Oil

Creativity, Focus, Luck, Money, Manifestation

Base price: $8.00

Calendula Essential Oil

Success, Legal Matters, Protection

Base price: $10.00

Carrot Essential Oil

Grounding, Clear Sight

Base price: $12.00

Catnip Essential Oil

Visions, Beauty, Happiness, Cat Magick

Base price: $8.00

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Success, Healing, Opportunity, Wisdom

Base price: $8.00

Citronella Essential Oil

Protection, Beauty, Joy, Freedom

Base price: $6.00

Clove Essential Oil

Money, Love, Protection, Exorcism (do not use on skin)

Base price: $6.00

Caraway Essential Oil

Divination, Psychic Work

Base price: $6.00

Cucumber Essential Oil

Psychic Awareness, Healing

Base price: $8.00

Basil Essential Oil

Wealth, Happiness

Base price: $6.00

Birch Essential Oil

Empathy, Intuition, Purification, Protection

Base price: $12.00

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Energy, Strength

Base price: $8.00

Camphor Essential Oil

Cleansing, Purification

Base price: $6.00

Cypress Essential Oil

Longevity, Healing, Communication with the Dead, Comfort ...

Base price: $12.00

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Health, Purification

Base price: $6.00
Base price: $6.00

Fir Essential Oil

Abundance, Success, Expansion

Base price: $8.00

Frankincense Essential Oil

Spirituality, Protection, Exorcism, Success

Base price: $15.00

Gardenia Essential Oil

Love, Beauty

Base price: $12.00
Base price: $8.00

Ginger Essential Oil

Strength, Courage, Power, Protection, Love, Success (do not ...

Base price: $8.00
Base price: $8.00

Heliotrope Essential Oil

Prophesy, Exorcism, Invisibility, Dreams, Wealth, ...

Base price: $10.00

Hyacinth Essential Oil

Happiness, Love, Confidence

Base price: $15.00

Hyssop Essential Oil

Purification, Protection

Base price: $10.00

Jasmine Essential Oil

Prophetic Dreams, Love, Peace

Base price: $25.00
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