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Miggy Mike's Milagro Makin' Station - Custom Mojo Bags, Fixed Candles

Custom mojo bags and fixed candles, prepared with herbs, oils and crystals, prayed over for conditions and intentions. $30 for consultation and accompanying fixed candle or mojo bag.

Available by appointment or walk in on Sundays between 1pm and 7pm. Call 831-423-5477 to schedule your appointment.

Tarot Readings with Moon Sister Donna at the Serpent's Kiss

Born on the full moon, Moon Sister Donna has been blessed by the gift of second sight since childhood.

Reserve a psychic experience with Donna Moon Sister and become aware of your true path.

 Available the first Saturday of every month at the Serpent's Kiss. Call 831-423-5477 to schedule your appointment.

Dagara Divination with Monica Mody at the Serpent's Kiss

Cowrie Shell Divination with Monica Mody

"The Dagara tradition of West Africa is among the oldest living traditions of indigenous ritual and magic. From this tradition comes an old way of contacting the otherworlds through cowrie shell, bone & stone divination.

These tools are utilized to reveal patternings of cosmological elements within the life of an individual or community. The ancient art of Dagara divination offers keys for listening to one's deep story, through consultation with the ancestors, other allies, and Spirit. By paying attention to both, clarity, insight, guidance, and healing around specific and general concerns begin to emerge.

Please be ready to take note of any ritual prescriptions that may be offered to aid alignment. A quarter coin for the spirits is a traditional way of establishing contact.

Monica Mody, who has studied within the Dagara tradition as brought to the West from Burkina Faso by Dr. Malidoma Some, is a scholar and writer with an abiding love and reverence for earth-based, ancestral ways and magic. She is a practicing decolonial feminist and lover of the goddess that upholds all life, all death.

In addition to being a cowrie shell diviner, Monica is also a Kontomble Voice Diviner. By merging with kontomble (the little people - who are known in kin lore as faeries, duende, leprechauns, menehune, huldufolk), she becomes the voice for frequencies from the dimension of kontomble, bringing them into earth dimensions.

Monica will be divining at Serpent's Kiss on the third Saturdays of the month. Call 831-423-5477 to schedule your appointment. Outside of these dates, you can contact her at for in-person or video sessions.

Lily Stevenin Tarot Readings at the Serpent's Kiss

Lily Stevenin is a Ritual Leader, Medical Intuitive, and Professional Psychic Tarot Reader.

Lily is a member of BOTA School of Western Mysticism, Orion Foxwood’s Faery Seership program and a 2nd year student in the Anderson Feri tradition. A licensed Nurse, she maintains Lily’s Hands,  a private energy medicine practice. She shares her broad knowledge of magick and metaphysical arts as a facilitator of Spellcraft Saturday each 4th Saturday of the month from 4-6 PM at Serpent’s Kiss in Santa Cruz.

Available for readings on second and fourth Saturdays at the Serpent's Kiss, or over the phone by appointment.  Call 831-423-5477 to schedule your appointment.

Angus McMahon Tarot Readings at the Serpent's Kiss

Angus McMahan has been reading tarot for over 25 years.

He is a gregarious solitary who can usually be found playing strange drums strangely at various community seed rituals. Angus is a lego sculptor, a cross-country marcher, a crop circle inspiration and a writer of no great renown.

Angus is available for readings on Sundays between 1pm-7pm at the Serpent's Kiss.  Call 831-423-5477 to schedule your appointment.


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