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Orisha and Voudou / Lwa / Loa Oils *SK

Our Orisha and Lwa oils are prepared with care and honor for the spirits. They are made with genuine herbs and/or essential oils. We started this line in response to a great dissappointment in what is being offered by larger companies, bland and cheap products with a lack of ashe! You will feel the difference.
Our Orisha labels are original artwork created by Shimmering Wolf Studio\'s and are copyright protected. Please contact us if you wish to have a legal right to use them. We will try to accommodate you.
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Chango Oil

Spirit of Fire and Thunder & Lightning. Call on him for ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Damballah - Wedo Oil

Wisdom. Fertility. Divine Union.

Total without tax: $15.00

Elegua / Esu Oil

Open Paths, Clear Obstacles, Allow Communication with ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Erzuli Oil

Love. Beauty.

Total without tax: $15.00

Legba (Papa) Oil

Open Paths, Clear Obstacles, Allow Communication with Loa & ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Loco Oil

Guardian of Priests. Herbal Medicine.

Total without tax: $15.00

Obatala Oil

Purity, Wisdom, Cool Headedness. Father of Humankind. Call ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Obba Oil

Innocence lost. And power gained. She transforms sorrow ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Ochosi Oil

The great hunter and protector from your enemies. Call upon ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Ogun Oil

Powerful Warrior. Master of Metals. Call on him for ...

Total without tax: $15.00
Total without tax: $15.00

Oshun Oil

Beautiful, Powerful, Orisha of the Rivers, Goddess of Love, ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Oya Oil

Warrior and Queen of Storms, Tornados, and the Winds of ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Seven African Powers Oil

For use when working with Orisha magick. The Power of the ...

Total without tax: $15.00

Yemaya Oil

Great Mother of the Sea! Call on her for Compassion, ...

Total without tax: $15.00
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