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Susan Diamond (owner)

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About Susan

Susan's earliest memories, starting at around age four, involve her grandmother teaching her how to do divination with a button on a string. On her 7th birthday her mother gave her her first tarot deck. Divination and Magic are Susan's passions and she has dedicated her life to spiritual and healing practices. Along the way, Susan earned a degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Biology, helping to facilitate her natural counseling, intuitive, and healing abilities.

In a response to a desire to bring earth based spirituality & magick back to its roots, Susan started a professional business in the field and has had a magical arts shop for over 15 years. Her private practice of spiritual consultations and healing work spans decades. Susan has also created a learning center for alternative faiths and cultural creatives so that others may learn and grow. Many of her clients have been with her for five, ten, fifteen, or more years.

Susan is a tarot consultant (voted "best psychic" is Santa Cruz County for the past 3 years), astrologer, rootworker, shamanic practitioner, initiated Palera, energy worker, teacher, dream walker, and owner of Serpent's Kiss Magick Shop and Botanica and Crossroads Community Space.

She is a founding member of AIRR (Association of Independant Readers and Rootworkers) and Co-owner with Orion Foxwood of 2Hoodoos.com, and a member of Conjure Crossroads along with Orion Foxwood, Sindy Todo, Starr Casas, and Shimmering Wolf. She has extensive knowledge of crystals and herbs as reflected in many of her custom herb, mineral, and oil preparations, incense, soaps, waters, sprays, mojo hands, and candles. She is the sole creator and distributor of Dancing Witch & Moon Garden oils, incense, candles, soaps and baths and creates the many items you find at her shop.

Born November 1962, at moonrise, Susan is a water baby with 4 planets in Scorpio, a Cancer Moon and Cancer Ascendant. A native New Yorker, Susan now lives with her life partner, Shimmering Wolf (the designer of all her product labels, and web developer), their dog and two cats in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.


About Tarot:

"I access universal and personal patterns as reflected through the imagery of the Tarot to facilitate sight.

I work with the tarot as well as other divination tools to offer guidance with regard to romantic, financial, career, domestic, spiritual, goals and relationships.

Past life experiences may also be explored to assist in the removal of unhealthy patterns, to reveal hidden talents and abilities, and to clarify relationships.

The Tarot can show us where we are heading based on energy currently set in motion. We have free will and more control over our futures than most of us realize. By "projecting" out we can see where we are going and alter our path as we will! I can help you to create the future you desire, make healthy choices, and avoid pitfalls along the way."

About Astrology:

"My background in Astrology includes Traditional, Medieval, Modern, Evolutionary Astrology, and the many branches within these categories.

I utilize Astrological information to dig deep, beyond societal, cultural, religious, and perceived individual personal limitations to get to the core of an individual's BEing in order to compassionately uncover and release negative or limiting behavior patterns as well as discover latent talents and abilities, and to find positive solutions to life/soul challenges.

I cover both the spiritual and mundane aspects of life with the goal of harmonious interaction between the two."

Cleansings & Energy Work:

My background and training includes traditional spiritual cleansings (people, pets, and places), as well as various forms of energy work, crystal healing, Shamanic Extraction and Soul Retrieval. Depending on what is needed any combination may be used.

Soul Retrieval sessions allow for a regaining of personal power (healing) by bringing into consciousness experiences from this and other lifetimes that have drained us of our energy/life-force, and subsequently have created fears, blocks, and limitations.

The session begins with a guided journey, following which I use traditional shamanic journey techniques in order to retrieve information/energy /soul/spirit. Following the Journey/Retrieval, information is shared and discussed.

Read more: Susan Diamond


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