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Doreet "Didi" Gordon

Doreet discovered her love for belly dance in 2004 when she began taking classes with Helene of Belly Dance International. She quickly was invited to join Helene's student troupe Sisters of the Desert Sky, while furthering her dance training with Janelle Rodriguez of Desert Dream and Kathy Stahlman of Tribal Moon. As Doreet's passion for belly dance grew, she expanded her studies with workshops by world renowned belly dancers Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Ansuya, Suhaila Salimpor, Sashi, Ariella, Fat Chance Belly Dance.  Doreet completed Ansuya's 6 month Comprehensive Certification Course in 2007.

Doreet is a founding member of Raks Hakohaveem, a Dark Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Troupe. Raks Hakohaveem has performed at Rakkasah, Desert Dance Festival and Tribal Fest, as well as Santa Cruz and San Francisco's Burning Man Decompression events. They can often be seen performing locally in Santa Cruz and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Doreet "Didi" Gordon

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