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Special Events

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Sharon Knight & Winter in concert at the Serpent's Kiss

Sharon & Winter are back!

Combining fierce and gutsy bravado with ethereal beauty, a hearty dose of fantastical lyrics, and an obvious love of storytelling which has inspired their own Celtic-hybrid style, “Neofolk Romantique”. Their sound? “Folktales that ran away with the Faeries at the turn of the century and took cover in an old trunk bound for the circus, which was then commandeered by pirates.” 

Saturday September 23rd
Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8:00pm
Tickets are $20 for advance registration 
Space is limited so advance registration is recommended


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8th Annual Folk Magic Festival New Orleans Louisiana

Join us for the historic 8th Annual Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans.  

We're excited to announce that this year's Folk Magic Festival will be held this year at the International House Hotel

It will take place on November 5, 6, 7 & 8th.

Check out the classes being offered this year:

  • Charms of Enchantment: The Ancient Tradition of Rhymed Incantations, Prayers and Callings with Orion Foxwood
  • Orisha of the Graveyard with Lou Florez, Awo Ifadunsin Sangobiyi
  • Sending Spirit Out: A Special Workshop with Starr Casas and Hoodoo Sen Moise
  • Live-Ghosting: The Lost Art Haunting While You're Alive with Susan Diamond
  • Money Work in Conjure: Prosperous Wisdom and Ways that Work with Momma Starr
  • Bound on Earth and Loosed in Heaven: The Potent Power of Binding and Severing with Sindy Todo
  • The Guardian of the Gate: Blocking Intrusions and Insidious Influences with Susan Diamond
  • Haitian Vodou 101:  The Awe and Power of the Lwa with Hoodoo Sen Moise
  • The River of Blood: Healing and Redeeming Ancestral Wounds and Inter-Generational Curses with Orion Foxwood
  • Midwifing Death:  Honoring the Spirit of Death and Helping the Dying with Sindy Todo
  • Prayer Crafting: Devotional Practices and the Magic of Spiritual Allyship 

For more detailed information and to Register click HERE.


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Professional Psychic Tarot Course - SOLD OUT

This course is designed for the Professional reader and/or the reader that has a working knowledge of the Tarot but wants to become a professional. We will be developing both psychic skills and professional counseling skills in the workshops. Textbooks will be provided for out of class skills building on Tarot basics. The maximum amount of students for this course is 10 people with a minimum of 8. The first 6 dates for the workshops are:

Sunday Oct 22

Sunday Nov 26

Sunday Dec 3

Sunday Dec 17

Sunday Jan 7

Sunday Jan 21


Time is 7:30 - 9:30

Cost is $175 for all 6 classes



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