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The Cauldron of Witchery

Rare Lore, Magical Wisdom and Practical Applications

There are few images more archetypal of traditional old-line witchcraft than "the cauldron. It has gripped humanity for hundreds of years as a vessel of hexery, a pot for potions, a gateway to otherness and a house for familiar spirits. Though the image is renown; its power is often watered down as symbol when it is anything but that. It connects the user to ancient powers that give life, access the underworld, tap the void and call the powers of the deep night sky and the "starry vault of heaven". Join Orion and his familiar spirits and Ladrum (Ancestor Spirits) as he reveals deep, nearly lost lore, and techniques to access the power of the Mother of Night, Father of Light and the Flame in the Cauldron. He will cover topics including but not limited to:
  • The three cauldrons of the Elder Craft
  • The mysteries of the Dark Space
  • The rim and arch of time
  • Awakening the Witches Pot
  • The Portal of the Witching Tree
  • The Falling Light and the "Caulfron" and the "Corracle".
  • The mysteries of Iron

NOTE: It is highly recommended that attendees have a cauldron with them for there will be a lot of techniques, shared and used...hands-on!  Iron Cauldrons have been ordered and can be purchased at the Serpent's Kiss if you don't have your own.


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Merging and Mingling:

The Witching Art of Drifting, Shifting and Lifting Shape

The relationship between witches, animal and plant spirits and the exchange of power and knowledge gained when the witch flies or "Drifts" into the essence of other is infamous. This is often referred to as shape-shifting, quiting shape, misting and other old-craft terms. We have many records of this archaic practice in old lore such as that of the famed Scottish Witch, Isobel Gowdie, when at her confessions in 1662 she reported:

To Shift: I shall go into a hare, With sorrow and sych and meickle care; And I shall go in the Devil’s name, Ay while I come home again”

To change back: Hare, hare, God send thee care.I am in a hare’s likeness now, But I shall be in a woman’s likeness even now.”

Of course, the Devil means something very different to the traditional witch for it is not the adversarial Christian spirit but the Old One who stands at the threshold between seen and unseen, human and other. Orion will be sharing old charms, trance techniques, lore and some direct shifting experiences with some of the old animal and plant spirits of the Craft including, the Hare, Wolf, Bat, Toad, Owl, Cat, Mandrake, Datura, Hawthorne, Oak and Serpent. It is advised that attendees come ready to not only hear of the old shifting practices but to experience them.


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8th Annual Folk Magic Festival New Orleans Louisiana

Join us for the historic 8th Annual Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans.  

We're excited to announce that this year's Folk Magic Festival will be held this year at the International House Hotel

It will take place on November 5, 6, 7 & 8th.

Check out the classes being offered this year:

  • Charms of Enchantment: The Ancient Tradition of Rhymed Incantations, Prayers and Callings with Orion Foxwood
  • Orisha of the Graveyard with Lou Florez, Awo Ifadunsin Sangobiyi
  • Sending Spirit Out: A Special Workshop with Starr Casas and Hoodoo Sen Moise
  • Live-Ghosting: The Lost Art Haunting While You're Alive with Susan Diamond
  • Money Work in Conjure: Prosperous Wisdom and Ways that Work with Momma Starr
  • Bound on Earth and Loosed in Heaven: The Potent Power of Binding and Severing with Sindy Todo
  • The Guardian of the Gate: Blocking Intrusions and Insidious Influences with Susan Diamond
  • Haitian Vodou 101:  The Awe and Power of the Lwa with Hoodoo Sen Moise
  • The River of Blood: Healing and Redeeming Ancestral Wounds and Inter-Generational Curses with Orion Foxwood
  • Midwifing Death:  Honoring the Spirit of Death and Helping the Dying with Sindy Todo
  • Prayer Crafting: Devotional Practices and the Magic of Spiritual Allyship 

For more detailed information and to Register click HERE.


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