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Welcome to the Serpent's Kiss

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Your Source for Magic, Crystals, Witchcraft, Native American Crafts, African Artifacts, Spiritual Gifts & Ritual Supplies

The first thing people say when they walk into the Serpent's Kiss is "This place smells great!" The second thing they say is "it feels so good in here".

We are a Magickal Arts Shop and Botanica specializing in authentic, unique, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind ritual and healing tools and witchcraft supplies. Many items are crafted by us.

Mystical antiques and artifacts make an occasional appearance. We seek and find amazing treasures by local artists and from around the globe. We are one of the most complete resources for herbal supplies that are authentic, fresh, and affordable. We carry both popular and hard to find items.

We offer authentic witchcraft supplies, free spells, psychic readings, rootwork services, reiki, crystal healing, astrology, tarot, and more.

Our items are prepared by Priests and Priestesses of the varied traditions they represent. We honor, supply, and welcome ALL paths (European, Celtic, Wicca, Faery, Feri, Italian, Stregha, Norse, African, Ifa, Orisha, Native American, HooDoo (hoo doo), Voudou (voo doo), Afro-Cuban, Lukumi, Santeria, Palo, Jewish and Christian mysticism, etc..)
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The owner, Susan Diamond is a Spiritual Consultant, Reader and Rootworker, Shamanic Practitioner & Astrologer. She has extensive knowledge of herbs and crystals and prepares custom oils, candles, hands, talismans, baths, etc. as well as many of the items seen here on line.
- Conjurecraft.us with Orion Foxwood
- ConjureCrossroads.com with Starr Casas (OldStyleConjure.com), Sindy Todo (TodoMojo.com), Orion Foxwood & Shimmering Wolf (ShimmeringWolf.com).
- Association of Independent Readers & Rootworkers (Mission Independant Spiritual Church)
Organizer of 2 Yearly Festivals:
- FolkMagicFestival.com in New Orleans
- ConjureCraft.us at Serpent's Kiss in Santa Cruz
"We are easy to talk to, unpretentious and fun! Come visit!"
Authenticity matters!

We Also have a very large Community Space called Crossroads available for classes, workshops, and events.  "I started this business in response to a desire to bring earth based spirituality back to its roots and back to nature, to supply alternative faiths and provide a space for Community to come together. I continue to seek out the many truly inspired and talented craftspeople whose hearts guide their creative works. Authenticity is what we strive for. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Many of the items at Serpent's Kiss come from nature and are prepared in harmony with her. Most of our products are prepared by genuine practitioners, Priests and Priestesses. Check in with us often, we are growing daily.

Those of us at Serpent's Kiss respect all Life Affirming paths. Don't see what your looking for? Let us know."

Many Blessings,
Susan Diamond

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